p24 Antigen BROCHURE

The Simoa p24 Antigen Assay is an ultra-sensitive digital immunoassay providing 1,000 times improvement in detection limits compared with a traditional ELISA.  The method can be used to detect early reactivation of infectious virus from latent reservoirs and determine efficacy of drugs and therapies targeting the HIV reservoir.

  • Simoa p24 Antigen Assay provides a key measurement necessary for quantifying replication competent vial reservoirs
  • Achieve sensitivity equivalent to PCR without false positive detection of inactive proviral genomes
  • Quantify p24 in resting CD4+ T Cells from LRA-treated patient samples and characterize differences in the extent of HIV reactivation
  • Measure virus induction from single ells and compare the intracellular and released p24 levels
  • Detect early HIV infection without sample amplification or enrichment steps


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