2019 Advanced IVD Technology Summit

March 15–16, 2019 | Shanghai, China

Presentation Time: 10:40 am - 11:20 am, Liquid Biopsy Symposium, March 16. 液体活检论坛

Presentation: Innovations in Biomarker Research- Assay Development, Imaging, Data Integration Methods & Bioinformatics track


Speaker: Mingwei Zhao, PhD

Principal Scientist, Accelerator and Pharma Services

Quanterix Corporation


Use of SIMOA® Technology to Improve Measurement of Critical Biomarkers, PK and Immunogenicity parameters in Drug Development and Cell/Gene Therapy


• Open Architecture to develop custom applications using your own antibodies and proteins

• Improve sensitivity 100-1000 fold or more over traditional immunoassay technologies

• Critical Biomarker detection to accelerate your drug development programs

• Improved PK detection of highly potent molecules (biospecifics, growth factors, crossing blood: brain barrier, etc.).

• Improve drug tolerance in your Immunogenicity and Neutralizing Antibody monitoring

• Dilute precious samples to enable assessment of multiple markers from limited volume

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