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Quanterix Introduces “Proteins Powering Nexgen Healthcare” Conference Series

Lexington, MA – Quanterix Corporation, a leader in high definition diagnostics, delivering ultrasensitive single molecule measurement for the benefit of human health, today announced that it is launching a series of conferences focused on the incredible potential and impact of biomarkers on personalized medicine and healthcare.  The inaugural meeting, entitled “Proteins Powering NexGen Healthcare” will be hosted on June 9, 2015 at the Boston Marriot Cambridge in Cambridge, MA. The conference will feature presentations from leading biomarker researchers from around the world who will share “never seen before” data from cardiac, oncology, neuroscience, inflammation, immunology and metabolic studies, all utilizing high fidelity detection technologies such as the ultrasensitive Simoa platform to unlock the power of the protein.    

Attendees will meet fellow researchers and thought leaders blazing uncharted territory in their pursuit to establish routine detection and quantification protocols for ultra-low abundance proteins.  Kicking off the conference, Quanterix CEO & Executive Chairman Kevin Hrusovsky will describe a vision for proteins powering a revolution in asymptomatic medicine and personalized healthcare and how Quanterix is helpting scientists achieve transformation from “sick care” to healthcare.  His session will be followed by presentations from leading scientists providing specific examples of these advances and Quanterix CTO, Dr. David Duffy, providing an in depth review of Simoa technology and future innovation.

“Leading scientific investigators are using advanced protein detection technologies to unlock important links between disease and health” said Hrusovsky. “Our conference is gathering and empowering these inspiring scientific minds to present their novel studies, build a compelling body of evidence for transforming healthcare and provide us ideas for further advancing Simoa to support “game changing” applications and experimental strategies.

Attendees will hear exciting presentations by Dr. David Walt (Founder of Quanterix / Illumina), University Professor, Tufts University, Dr. Qin Fu, Senior Project Advisor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Elizabeth Dreher, Senior Associate Scientist in Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics & Metabolism (PDM), Pfizer Inc. as well as a joint talk with Prof. Dominic Walsh, Associate Professor, Brigham & Women’s and Harvard Medical School and Dr. Dennis Selkoe, The Vincent and Stella Coates Professor of Neurologic Diseases, Harvard Medical School. Walt will delve into measuring proteins at the fundamental limits of chemistry and biology, while Fu and Dreher will focus on new insights in ultra-sensitive protein detection and the development of a homebrew competitive biomarker assay, respectively. Walsh and Selkoe will take a first look at blood biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and their relationship to PET detected tau.

About Quanterix

Quanterix is a developer of ground-breaking tools in high definition diagnostics. Its Simoa platform uses single molecule measurements to access previously undetectable proteins. With this unprecedented sensitivity and full automation, Simoa offers significant benefits to both research and clinical testing applications. Quanterix was established in 2007 and is located in Lexington, Massachusetts. To learn more about Quanterix and Simoa, please visit:

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