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Quanterix To Collaborate With The Forsyth Institute And Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center To Develop Tuberculosis Test

Cambridge, MA – Quanterix Corporation, a company enabling a new generation of molecular diagnostic tests based on its revolutionary Single Molecule Array (SiMoA™) technology, announced today that it will apply its cutting-edge technology towards the development of an improved test to aid in the diagnosis of active tuberculosis (TB). In collaboration with the Forsyth Institute and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), Quanterix will validate novel low abundance protein biomarkers that may be useful for identifying individuals with active disease. Through this strategic partnership, Quanterix will continue to expand its infectious disease applications to include the development of a fast and simple test that will provide accurate diagnosis of active TB in high-burden countries.

“The Forsyth Institute has utilized a proteomics-based approach to identify a panel of novel M. tuberculosis markers present in the urine of human patients with active TB, but conventional protein detection platforms lack the analytical sensitivity to reliably detect these proteins in urine or blood. Using SiMoA, we are routinely able to improve the sensitivity of existing immunoassays by more than 1,000-fold, enabling accurate measurement of analytes that have previously been considered undetectable. Applying our technology to evaluate biomarkers that could not otherwise be detected will allow us to address a variety of important unmet medical needs, including the development of an improved test for the diagnosis of active tuberculosis,” said David Duffy, Ph.D., Vice President of Research at Quanterix.

Dr. Antonio Campos-Neto, Director of Forsyth’s Global Infectious Disease Research Center, added, “Diagnosis of tuberculosis in most of the world remains antiquated and inaccurate. The development of a more sensitive and specific TB test could save hundreds of thousands of lives annually. We are thrilled to partner with Quanterix to combine our proprietary content with their SiMoA technology.”

“Identifying individuals with active tuberculosis and distinguishing them from those with latent infection is critical to minimize the spread of disease and to provide prompt and appropriate therapy. I look forward to working with the Forsyth Institute and Quanterix to validate these biomarkers and ultimately to develop and validate a superior point-of-care test,” commented Nira Pollock, M.D., Ph.D., clinical collaborator and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School/ Division of Infectious Diseases, BIDMC.

About Quanterix

Quanterix Corporation is developing its proprietary Single Molecule Array (SiMoA™) technology for the in vitro diagnostics and life science research markets. The digital nature of SiMoA yields unprecedented assay performance, stemming from a 1,000-fold improvement in sensitivity compared with today’s analog only technology. SiMoA will enable researchers in life science to validate novel, low abundance biomolecules from a single droplet of blood, leading to greater insight into disease detection, diagnosis, therapy selection and disease monitoring. Automated systems based on SiMoA will provide diagnostic test information to healthcare practitioners faster, with greater reliability, unprecedented range and increased cost effectiveness. Founded in 2007, the privately held Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company is backed by leading life science investors including ARCH Venture Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and Flagship Ventures. For additional information, please visit

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