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Kevin Hrusovsky Keynotes At Meeting On Concussion Management And Co-authors Whitepaper

Lexington, MA – Quanterix Corporation, a leader in high definition diagnostics, delivering ultrasensitive single molecule measurement for the benefit of human health, today announced the publication of a collaborative whitepaper that addresses concussion management, science, policy and future directions. Co-authored by Quanterix Chairman and CEO Kevin Hrusovsky, the whitepaper is an output of the KONKUSSION Retreat conference, one of the largest global concussion forums ever assembled, bringing together the world’s most prominent thought leaders in concussion research, diagnosis, treatment and policy.  According to the Institute of Medicine’s report, approximately 395,000 people suffer cardiac arrest in their homes and other non-hospital settings every year and less than six percent of them survive. This is why detecting cardiac troponin levels at much earlier stages in a patient’s disease progression is so imperative. With recent studies demonstrating that modest elevations of cTnI are predictive of future adverse events, the level of detection and sensitivity associated with Simoa is critical to cardiac diagnoses.

The KONKUSSION retreat and whitepaper, Solving the Concussion Crisis: Practical Solutions, were organized and orchestrated by a world leader in concussion management Neilank K. JhaMD, FRCSC Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon Editor-In-Chief, Current Research – Concussion Chairman and Chairman of the KONKUSSION Retreat. Hrusovsky was invited to participate as a scientific advisor and keynote speaker alongside other international concussion leaders, including Dr. Robert Cantu, Associate Chairman of the Department of Surgery, Chief of Neurosurgery, and Medirector and Director of Clinical Research at the Dr. Robert C. Cantu Concussion Center at Emerson Hospital, and founding member and Medical Director of Concussion Legacy Foundation (formerly Sports Legacy Institute) Boston; Dr. Julian E. Bailes, Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at Northshore Neurological Institute and Medical Director of Pop Warner Football, the largest youth sports association in the U.S.; Dr. Charles Tator, professor of neurosurgery at University of Toronto; and Dr. Thomas Generelli, who has served as President of the International Neurotrauma Society.  Through the use of Simoa, researchers were able to leverage the very high sensitivity and full automation of the reported assay to make it suitable for measurement of cTnI concentrations in a healthy control group, while also establishing personalized reference intervals. They were also able to use the technology for detection of changes in cTnI concentrations after exercise stress testing, as well as for monitoring patients receiving cardiotoxic medications or heart transplant recipients for early signs of graft rejection in addition to other applications requiring high precision and sensitivity.

“Kevin’s passionate perspective on innovating ultra-sensitive detection technology for blood and saliva to help address the concussion crisis was refreshing,” said Dr. Cantu. “In particular, using biomarkers as an additional tool to attack the problem of brain injury, just as they have become an integral part of cancer management and cardiac health monitoring, represents an important new angle that deserves serious consideration.”

“Seeing this international collaboration come to life to address this very serious and silent epidemic was truly a dream come true as these injuries continue to hit home. Almost everyone has either been diagnosed with a concussion at one point in their life or knows someone who has. However, the severity of concussions is still widely misunderstood. This is the issue we wanted to address by bringing together the world’s most renowned industry experts to protect both professional athletes as well as our own children and neighbors,” said Dr. Jha. 

“It was an honor to be part of such a productive dialogue with international concussion experts, orchestrated by Dr. Jha,” said Hrusovsky. “Head injury is a critical health crisis, impacting athletes, soldiers, every day citizens and society in a way that we have never seen before. This is a pivotal moment in concussion awareness, management and research, and I am deeply committed to addressing from every angle possible. The KONKUSSION retreat and whitepaper are important advances as is the opening of concussion centers, such as Dr. Robert C. Cantu Center in Boston and 24/7 Konkussion Clinics throughout Canada, that provide the most advanced standard of care for concussion management.”

This recent global forum and published whitepaper further reinforces the need for research and technology that better addresses concussions and associated head injuries. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there are over 10 million diagnosed cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) globally per year and far more cases of mild TBI (mTBI) – an injury much more difficult to diagnose – which is why understanding the lasting effects of concussions is critical. Leveraging its Simoa technology, Quanterix is working to improve player and patient safety with the first ever blood test that can detect biomarkers associated with brain injuries just moments after the injury has occurred. Investigators have conducted extensive research in the field across a wide range of variables and demographics, including professional hockey playersOlympic boxersmilitary personnel as well as professional football players. Researchers have not only shown the efficacy of blood biomarkers in concussion detection, but also demonstrated that chronic tau elevation is associated with repeated mild TBI, which is key to understanding the long-term effects and pathology of concussion.

“We need to identify better ways in which we diagnose these head injuries in order to provide the best possible treatment. We are delighted that Kevin could serve as a scientific advisor and co-author to help credibly establish the important role Quanterix’s Simoa technology has played in measuring blood biomarkers as a new objective diagnostic test for brain injury. Through the publication of this whitepaper, as well as the individual work of these thought leaders, we will help drive awareness and shed light on the importance of this health issue,” continued Dr. Jha.

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