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Redefining Remission: Proteins And Genes Working Together


By Kevin Hrusovsky

Understanding human DNA and genetic makeup has long been a focus for researchers and scientists trying to prevent the metastases of cancer and diagnose illnesses at stage zero. Numerous lives have already been saved with the discovery of the link between BRCA1 and BRCA2, and breast and ovarian cancer alone. Yet, a lot of times genes by themselves do not provide the information necessary to get a full picture of what’s currently happening in the body. Meaning, while genes can tell us the likelihood that we might develop a certain disease, they cannot tell us what is happening in our body at the particular time a genetic test is conducted.

Research shows that 70% of our health ailments are linked to environmental causes that can change over time, like our daily habits and location. In fact, a recent study from Mass General Hospital and Harvard shows that approximately 20-40% of cancer cases and half of cancer deaths could potentially be prevented if people followed healthy lifestyle habits. With this in mind, scientists are becoming increasingly interested in the study of protein biomarkers.

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