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Quanterix, Immunarray Team Up To Address Neurodegenerative Disease


Quanterix Corp, Lexington, Mass, has announced plans to make a strategic investment in ImmunArray, Richmond, Va. Both companies are seeking to develop new approaches to medical diagnoses in complementary areas of neurological disease, focusing on the identification and analysis of molecular biomarkers in the blood.

Quanterix and ImmunArray will work together to continue advancing research and technology in order to provide an accurate method for detecting mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. As part of the deal, ImmunArray will gain access to Quanterix’s single molecule array technology, branded as Simoa.

Quanterix will add select ImmunArray markers to its multiplex panel for the neurology research market. The additions aim to provide researchers with the ability to measure multiple proteins simultaneously, at the single molecule level, using Quanterix’s Simoa technology.

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