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Quanterix Counts Protein As Better Cancer Biomarker


When cancer is suspected, a simple blood test can confirm it. Liquid biopsies detect the presence of tumor cells or cancer DNA circulating in the blood. But by that point, a cancer may already be advanced. Kevin Hrusovsky, CEO of diagnostics technology company Quanterix, says a different biomarker can lead to an earlier diagnosis—even before a patient experiences symptoms.

Organs affected by disease or injury release proteins that serve as telltale markers of a health condition. But these proteins are hard to detect in blood, typically occurring in concentrations too low to be measured by modern diagnostic equipment, Hrusovsky explained. Lexington, MA-based Quanterix has developed technology that can detect these small concentrations of proteins in blood. Hrusovsky likens this capability to being able to see a single blade of grass in a field the size of Alaska.

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