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New Tool To Determine When Athletes Can Resume Sports After Concussion May Be Available Soon


Researchers and a biotechnology company are working toward making a test more readily available for clinicians to detect the protein tau in patients with brain injuries. Such a test would more accurately determine when athletes with head injuries can return to the playing field.

“With tau, you’re looking for grains of sand in an Olympic-size swimming pool, so it’s a little more complicated than what’s currently in clinical practice,” Jessica Gill, RN, PhD, of the National Institute of Nursing Research, told Healio Family Medicine. “It’s a little bit different than what’s at a hospital, where you would run something like a C-reactive protein level, or cholesterol, so it’s going to take a little more time until we can do this type of test in clinical practice.”

Gill and colleagues used Simoa (Quanterix), a tool that, according to the company, uses single molecule measurements to access previously undetectable proteins in blood, advancing and accelerating disease diagnoses and treatment.  

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