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Concussions In Football: How A New Blood Test Could Change The Nfl, Cte Fight


Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman’s legs wobbled from the rattle of the hit, and as he made his way downfield his stumbles looked as if he were dodging ghost tacklers. It was a nightmare scenario for the NFL as 114 million Americans seemingly watched as a stunning concussion played out live during Super Bowl 49.

Edelman didn’t leave the game after a neurological consultant and the team doctor cleared the wide receiver away from cameras. But two years later doubts still remain about Edelman’s health as the nation has increasingly become aware that football players’ lives have been hobbled, ruined and possibly even ended as the result of the debilitating effects of traumatic brain injuries. The problem is, critics argue, too many NFL athletes would risk most anything for a championship ring, while concussion testing is entirely subjective, relying on spotting symptoms like general looks of disorientation or problems with balance. 

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