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Boston Vision: Quanterix


Quanterix gives researchers the ability to closely examine the continuum from health to disease in medical fields such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, infectious disease, and inflammatory. Their mission is to enable a new type of technology that allows unprecedented detection of protein in terms of sensitivity. They build instrumentation based on Simoa technology that allows the scientific community and biopharma researchers to use immunoassays (chemical tests). Traditional methods can detect levels of protein with these chemical tests but their technology provides a solution so that scientists can detect molecules at very low concentrations. This includes detection and measurement of proteins, but also of other fragments as well. This technology provides important uses in medicine for multiple reasons. First of all, it allows biopharmas to detect how the body reacts to certain illnesses or injuries. For example, Quanterix has worked with the NFL to effectively and accurately detect concussions and how the body reacts to head injury (read this Bloomberg article).

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