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Benchtop Instrument Performs Assays For Multiplex Biomarker Detection


Quanterix Corp, Lexington, Mass, is expanding its single molecule array, or Simoa, portfolio to include the new Quanterix SR-Plex benchtop instrument. The SR-Plex will use single molecule measurements to assess previously undetectable proteins, and can significantly reduce sample volume requirements when compared to alternative approaches. The new instrument is designed in a benchtop format that can be easily integrated with existing automation platforms.

The new platform will also be capable of measuring nucleic acids with ultrasensitivity, without utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

“We are delivering platforms at the intersection of the digital health revolution and life science research,” says Kevin Hrusovsky, executive chairman and CEO at Quanterix. “In addition to a smaller instrument footprint, the SR-Plex has been optimized for increased multiplexing capabilities, making it an easy-to-use and economical option for high-sensitivity biomarker analysis, whether proteins or nucleic acids.”

The SR-Plex will be part of a complete solution, including a menu of more than 70 ultrasensitive protein detection assays, as well as a new series of multiplex assays for critical biomarkers, including the first six-plex Simoa assay for quantitative measurement of elusive inflammatory biomarkers in the blood.

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