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Societa Italiana di Immunologia Immunologia Clinica e Allergologia (SIICA)


May 23-26, 2022


Naples, Italy

SIICA aims to promote and coordinate studies and research conducted in Italy in the field of Immunology, Clinical Immunology, and Allergology, to integrate its activities with that of similar Italian and foreign associations or scientific societies and to disseminate among science lovers medical and biological knowledge relating to one’s field of study.

Join us at The annual meeting of SIICA is taking place May 23-26, 2022 in Naples, Italy at Booth # 2.

Quanterix Presentation:
Thursday, May 24 12:00 – 13.10 (RT1.5)

Measurement of circulating low abundance cytokines and interferon with Simoa ultra-sensitive technologies
Speaker: Danilo La Terra, Field Applications Scientist