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Precision Medicine Leaders Summit: Precision Health Virtual Event


April 13, 2021

time & location

11:50am-12:55pm, Virtual

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11:50am-12:55pm  EDT 

Disrupting Precision Health with Next-generation Proteomics 

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Moderator: Kevin Hrusovsky, MBA, President, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Quanterix

Panelist: Kevin Knopp, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, 908 Devices Inc 

By bringing essential testing into the home, the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new age in diagnostics and preventative care. While genetic testing is generally the most widely recognized, fulfilling the true promise for precision health lies in the power of the protein biomarker to see and detect disease at its earliest stages. In this panel discussion, healthcare visionary, Powering Precision Health Founder and CEO of Quanterix, Kevin Hrusovsky, and panelists will explore the potential to harness ultra-sensitive protein quantitation to deliver non-invasive blood testing solutions for homecare use, such as those reliant on a capillary (finger prick) sample or dried blood swab rather than a traditional blood draw. Beginning with COVID-19, and expanding into other critical disease categories, including oncology and neurology, these regular blood-based biomarker screenings have the potential to aid in disease prevention, study critical research questions (i.e., immunity and treatment response), and lower healthcare costs through early intervention. Hrusovsky and his panelists will also share early efforts to realize this vision through COVID-19 serosurveillance efforts with some of the world’s largest payor groups and discuss how this is laying the groundwork for a disruption in medicine that will re-shape the diagnostics industry.

Quanterix is also proud to sponsor this pivotal event with a virtual booth. Please visit us to chat live with one of our Simoa® experts to learn more about how our ultra-sensitive biomarker detection technology is helping researchers reach new milestones towards precision medicine.

For more information or to register for the summit, please visit the event website.