January 25-27, 2021

at 9:50 am PST

Precision Medicine World Conference 2021: COVID-19 Live

Kevin Hrusovsky, President, Chairman & CEO of Quanterix Corporation and Founder & Chairman of...


17 November, 2020

European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) Virtual 2020

Quanterix Diamond Level Sponsorship Presentations At Ebf 2020:  November 17 (Day 1) –...

22 September, 2020

LSE Live! Event Series

LSE Institution Virtual Event Series Quanterix will be participating at the following LSE Live!...

26 October - 05 November, 2020

AAPS Pharmsci 360

Conference Information  Rapid Fire Presentation:  The Most Sensitive Immunoassay Just Got...

01 - 04 November, 2020

International Cytokine And Interferon Society (ICIS)

Quanterix will be supporting the meeting of the International Cytokine and Interferon Society with a virtual...

19 - 22 October, 2020

HUPO Connect 2020 (Human Proteome Organization)

Quanterix will be sponsoring this meeting with a 60-minute presentation by members of our field applications...


04 - 07 October, 2020

14th World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM)

Quanterix will be sponsoring this meeting with a virtual exhibit and short presentation on our...

October 2 -3, 2020

at TBD

7th Immunotherapy Of Cancer Conference (ITOC)

Quanterix will be sponsoring this meeting with a presentation followed with Q&A by Paula Perin, PhD...


11 - 13 September, 2020


ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Joint Virtual Meeting (MSVIRTUAL2020) Quanterix is proud to sponsor...