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Marketsandmarkets Biomarker And Companion Diagnostics Conference


03 - 04 October, 2019


London, UK

Redefining clinical stage biomarker strategies for a successful CDx commercialization

Biomarkers are constantly evolving as the latent for the development of innovative drugs and diagnostic assays for early detection of disease. The major developments are witnessed in immune therapies where breakthroughs will be appearing soon. The conference will address the gaps between early stage biomarker development and the commercialization stage of biomarkers.

30+ experts from academia and industry will be presenting their current work in biomarkers, latest updates on regulatory guidelines and approvals, cancer biomarker validation for clinical application, challenges in NGS-based CDx and the importance of imaging biomarkers for precision medicine. The keynote presentations will also help the attendees understand the issues related to the clinical translation of biomarkers.

Quanterix will be presenting on Day 1 of the conference:

Session –Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine

Topic – “Digital Biomarkers transforming drug development and precision health practices which will deep dive into the following:

  • Ultra-sensitive detection of biomarkers to detect disease or PD effects earlier
  • Less invasive sample collection for more frequent monitoring of health status post-treatment
  • Lower cost monitoring of disease progression or treatment impact to accelerate drug development and healthcare

Speaker –Dan Sikkema, Vice President, Accelerator and Pharma Services, Quanterix