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European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) Virtual 2020


17 November, 2020


Quanterix Diamond Level Sponsorship Presentations At Ebf 2020: 

November 17 (Day 1) – Breakout 2 Enhanced usage of high sensitivity LBA technologies

16:40 – 17:00 CET
Daniel Sikkema – Quanterix
The most sensitive immunoassay just got more sensitive: how a 100-fold increase in sensitivity of Simoa was achieved

November 19 (Day 3) – Breakout 3 Diagnostics and PD decision making in clinical studies: new frontiers

16:50 – 17:10 CET
Martha Miles – Quanterix
The Urgency of Diagnostics – Increased Specificity, Increased Sensitivity, and Reduced Invasiveness are the Road to the Hallmark Diagnostic

Quanterix will also have a passive virtual booth at this event.

Quanterix Posters At Ebf 2020:

November 18 (Day 2 Poster Session) 13:15 – 15:30 CET

An ultrasensitive immunoassay for the detection of p-tau181 in blood
Martha Miles, Presenting Author

Development of an ultrasensitive multiplex assay for simultaneous detection of Aβ1-42,Aβ1-40, GFAP and NF-L in blood and CSF
Martha Miles, Presenting Author


Detection of proteins at low attomolar and sub-attomolar concentrations using digital ELISA: Pushing the detection limits of Simoa down by 100x
Dan Sikkema, Presenting Author

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