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EuroNeuro 2021


April 14-16, 2021

time & location

9:00am CET, Virtual (Paris)

Quanterix is proud to sponsor the upcoming EuroNeuro e-congress with a virtual booth.

The topics covered in this outstanding event include:

•   Subarachnoid hemorrhage management
•   Ischemic stroke
•   Neurological complications of medical diseases
•   Insights in Neurosurgery and Neuroanesthesia
•   Invasive and non-invasive neuromonitoring
•   Prognostication after Cardiac arrest
•   Insights in Neuroanesthesia
•   Neuroprotection
•   Neurosciences
•   Traumatic Brain Injury
•   Organ Donation
•   Neurophysiology during Anesthesia
•   Delirium

Talks featuring Simoa technology at this event:

Kinetics modelling and brain damage monitoring
Eric THELIN, within ROCHE SYMPOSIUM – S100B, Biomarker of brain damage:
GFAP, UCH-L1 and Tau perform similarly to S100B (the covered biomarker on this session) to predict outcome to TBI and that addition of NfL to models improve accuracy. The data on GFAP, UCH-L1 and Tau was measured using Human Neurology 4-Plex A assay (N4PA) on an HD-1 Single molecule array (Simoa) instrument.

Sustained post-traumatic neuro-inflammation
Elisa ZANIER , Session 4 | Long term post-traumatic neuroinflammation
Simoa was used to measure plasma NfL levels to evaluate minocycline loaded nanoparticles to treat brain trauma vs placebo.  

Are biomarkers really useful after cardiac arrest?
Tobias CRONBERG, Session 1 | Prognosis after cardiac arrest. He showed data on blood biomarkers to predict outcome after cardiac arrest. Tau and NfL were included and measured by Simoa and NfL levels had the best performance out of all biomarkers to predict outcome, already from 24 hours onwards. 

For more information, please visit the event website.

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