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11-13 September, 2019


Stockholm, Sweden

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Abstracts, Presentations, And Posters Featuring Nf-l:
Ectrims Online Library

1. Analysis of GFAP and NfL as serum biomarkers in a prospective cohort of patients with NMOSD
ECTRIMS Online Library. Schindler P. Sep 13, 2019; 278529; P1327 

2. Analysis of CSF markers to explore the crosstalk between B cells and glial cells during disease progression in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Abdelhak A. Sep 13, 2019; 278537; P1335

3.Neurofilament light chain levels in cerebrospinal fluid and serum of a longitudinal cohort of people with multiple sclerosis on disease-modifying drugs
ECTRIMS Online Library. Marta M. Sep 13, 2019; 278541; P1339

4. Serum neurofilament light chain as a presymptomatic biomarker in multiple sclerosis

ECTRIMS Online Library. Bjornevik K. Sep 13, 2019; 279546; 284

5. Serum neurofilament light chain levels correlate with peripapillary retinal nerve fibre layer thinning as measured by optical coherence tomography in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Bsteh G. Sep 13, 2019; 279547; 285

6. Markers of glial processes and axonal damage in CSF and serum help to differentiate between relapsing-remitting and progressive forms of MS
ECTRIMS Online Library. Huss A. Sep 13, 2019; 279548; 286

7. Change in absolute lymphocyte count is not a biomarker of clinical response and does not correlate with change in serum neurofilament light for patients treated with delayed-release dimethyl fumarate
ECTRIMS Online Library. Longbrake E. Sep 12, 2019; 278239; P1037

8. Plasma neurofilament light levels are associated with impairments to information processing efficiency in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Manouchehrinia A. Sep 12, 2019; 279154; P794

9. Serum and cerebrospinal fluid neurofilament levels predict longitudinal atrophy of the cervical spinal cord in progressive MS

ECTRIMS Online Library. Lundell H. Sep 12, 2019; 279266; P906

10. Pretreatment cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and serum neurofilament light (NfL) levels in patients with PPMS in the OBOE study are correlated and are higher in patients with PPMS with T1 Gd+ brain lesions
ECTRIMS Online Library. Bar-Or A. Sep 12, 2019; 279308; P948

11. Intrathecal immunoglobulin synthesis and leucocyte count in cerebrospinal fluid predict serum neurofilament light chain levels in early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Engel S. Sep 12, 2019; 279314; P954

12. Serum neurofilaments levels are associated with blood-brain barrier injury in early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Uher T. Sep 12, 2019; 279322; P962

13. Paramagnetic phase rims and serum neurofilaments in relapsing-remitting and progressive multiple sclerosis patients: a combined laboratory-imaging marker of chronic inflammation
ECTRIMS Online Library. Maggi P. Sep 12, 2019; 279450; 151

14. Serum neurofilament light chain levels predict retinal outer plexiform layer thinning in early multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Seitz C. Sep 11, 2019; 278924; P564

15. Elevated serum neurofilament light chain is associated with accelerated inner retinal layer thinning in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Sotirchos E. Sep 11, 2019; 278942; P582

16. Effect of Alemtuzumab on serum neurofilament light chain levels in RRMS patients with or without highly active disease: comparison with SC IFNB-1a and 7-year assessment (CARE-MS I)
ECTRIMS Online Library. Kuhle J. Sep 11, 2019; 278943; P583

17. Microstructural white matter tract damage measured using DTI-MRI associates with increased serum NFL levels
ECTRIMS Online Library. Saraste M. Sep 11, 2019; 278944; P584

18. Development of a sensitive serum neurofilament light assay on siemens routine immunoassay platforms
ECTRIMS Online Library. Plavina T. Sep 11, 2019; 278948; P588

19. Serum neurofilament light chain levels are increased within three months of new gadolinium-enhancing lesions in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Rosso M. Sep 11, 2019; 279374; 22

20. Comparison of the cognition tests BRB and BICAMS in multiple sclerosis patients and their correlation with serum NFL titres and MRI volumetric parameters
ECTRIMS Online Library. Hackert J. Sep 13, 2019; 278371; P1169

21. Translational potential and impact of relapses and therapeutic responses on serum neurofilament light chain levels in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Steffen F. Sep 13, 2019; 278523; P1321

22. Correlation of neurofilament light (NfL) chain levels with cognitive assessment in multiple sclerosis (MS)
ECTRIMS Online Library. Aktas O. Sep 13, 2019; 278524; P1322

23. Higher serum neurofilament light chain levels are associated with lower self-reported quality of life in the Swiss MS registry and the Swiss MS cohort-study
ECTRIMS Online Library. Kaufmann M. Sep 13, 2019; 278532; P1330

24. High-dose vitamin D3 supplementation in multiple sclerosis is not associated with lower circulating neurofilament light chain levels
ECTRIMS Online Library. Smolders J. Sep 13, 2019; 278549; P1347

25. A quantitative view of MS disease course
ECTRIMS Online Library. Bermel R. Sep 12, 2019; 279309; P949

26. Serum neurofilament light chain levels predict thalamic volume loss in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Magon S. Sep 12, 2019; 279317; P957

27. CSF neurofilament heavy chain release (NfH) is important in secondary progressive MS (SPMS) – results from the MS-SMART trial
ECTRIMS Online Library. Gnanapavan S. Sep 12, 2019; 279318; P958

28. Long term MS clinical outcomes predicted by baseline serum neurofilament light levels
ECTRIMS Online Library. Abdoli M. Sep 12, 2019; 279325; P965

29. Biomarkers of both inflammation and axonal damage are reduced by dimethyl fumarate in a prospective trial of untreated newly diagnosed MS
ECTRIMS Online Library. Sejbaek T. Sep 11, 2019; 278960; P600

30. Serum neurofilament light chain is associated with MS outcomes and comorbidity in a large population of people with multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Fitzgerald K. Sep 11, 2019; 279375; 23

31.Neurofilament light chains in serum in biopsied multiple sclerosis patients
ECTRIMS Online Library. Beutler A. Sep 11, 2019; 279376; 24

32.  Assay stability and preanalytics of neurofilament determinations
ECTRIMS Online Library. Willemse E. Sep 11, 2019; 279402; 68

33. Blood neurofilament light levels are lowered to a healthy donor range in patients with RMS and PPMS following ocrelizumab treatment

ECTRIMS Online Library. Bar-Or A. Sep 12, 2019; 279451; 152

34. Effect of interferon β-1a treatment on serum neurofilament light chain levels in patients with a first clinical demyelinating event in the REFLEX trial
ECTRIMS Online Library. Kuhle J. Sep 13, 2019; 278617; P1417

35. Frequency and pitfalls of the use of vitamins and dietary supplements in MS patient
ECTRIMS Online Library. Pape K. Sep 13, 2019; 278636; P1436

36. Moving from CSF to blood: monitoring disease activity in MS using serum neurofilament light protein
ECTRIMS Online Library. Lycke J. Sep 13, 2019; 279544; 282

37.Genetics of multiple sclerosis disease severity
ECTRIMS Online Library. Loomis S. Sep 11, 2019; 278844; P484

38. Serum neurofilaments as candidate biomarkers of natalizumab-associated PML
ECTRIMS Online Library. Loonstra F. Sep 11, 2019; 278958; P598

39. Anti-MOG antibodies and neurofilament light chain serum levels in tumefactive multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal case report
ECTRIMS Online Library. Breza M. 279596; EP1453

40. Seamless phase II-III adaptive trial design elements for progressive MS: Neurofilament light chain (phase II/interim endpoint), phase III endpoints and patient populations
ECTRIMS Online Library. Lieberman DR. Sep 13, 2019; 278314; P1112

41. Classification of high versus low annualized relapse rate status in subjects with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using multivariate serum protein biomarker models
ECTRIMS Online Library. Sattarnezhad N. Sep 13, 2019; 278526; P1324

42. Early differentiating characteristics of clinically stable patients on low efficacy immunomodulatory treatment over long-term follow-up
ECTRIMS Online Library. Hrnciarova T. 279718; EP1576

43. Disease control beyond NEDA: The value of non-clinical disease activity measures to determine treatment response to natalizumab
ECTRIMS Online Library. Calabresi P. Sep 13, 2019; 278615; P1415

44. Blood neurofilament light chain: ready for the clinic?
ECTRIMS Online Library. Kuhle J. Sep 11, 2019; 279403; 69

45: Optical coherence tomography as a prognostic marker
ECTRIMS Online Library. Calabresi P. Sep 13, 2019; 279545; 283 

46. Risk Factors in Early Multiple Sclerosis (RISEMS)
ECTRIMS Online Library. Shelton I. Sep 11, 2019; 278953; P593

47. Chitinase-3-like protein 1 could be a predictor of disability progression in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis: A one-year follow-up
ECTRIMS Online Library. Maurino J. Sep 12, 2019; 279324; P964

48. Atlas-based tract damage mapping improves 4-year forecast of EDSS in multiple sclerosis
ECTRIMS Online Library. Ravano V. Sep 11, 2019; 278788; P427

49. Multivariate protein biomarker models more accurately predict multiple sclerosis MRI disease activity compared to serum levels of neurofilament light chain alone
ECTRIMS Online Library. Chitnis T. Sep 13, 2019; 278535; P1333

50. Compared CSF biomarker profile of AQP4-Ab, MOG-Ab and double seronegative NMOSD reveals specificities with potential therapeutic implications
ECTRIMS Online Library. Thouvenot E. Sep 13, 2019; 278525; P1323

51. CSF-NfL correlates to MRI progression in MS, a 10-year follow-up study
ECTRIMS Online Library. Bhan A. Sep 11, 2019; 278952; P592


Meet University Hospital of Basel’s Dr. Jens Kuhle and Professor David Leppert, co-authors of the new and prominent JAMA Neurology-published 12-year study on neurofilament light levels in MS patients.

Enjoy cocktails and light fare with the Quanterix team, along with Scientific Advisor, Dr. Andreas Jeromin and several other leading neurology researchers.

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