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Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (Aaic)


14 - 18 July, 2019


Los Angeles, CA

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Featured Research Session

Neurofilament in Neurodegeneration: Progress on the Route to Clinical Implementation

Concourse Hall 152 – F4-05

Wednesday, July 17 |  2:00pm – 3:30pm

Session Chair(s): Andreas Jeromin, Ph.D, Quanterix Corporation, Lexington, MA, USA and Kaj Blennow, MD PhD, Clinical Neurochemistry Laboratory, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Mölndal, Sweden

Significant progress has been made in  studies of neurofilament proteins across neurodegenerative and neruoinflammatory conditions, which has rapidly moved these biomarkers into a clinical use and for use in drug development. This symposium will highlight progress in the use of neurofilament in neurodegeneration and its relationship to clinical variables and outcomes measures. In addition, the symposium will provide an industry-perspective on the use of neurofilament in different context of uses and the regulatory implications. This will include a critical evaluation of our evaluation of the pre-analytical and analytical parameters and the state of assay validation. This symposium extend the highly successful FRS at last year’s AAIC meeting and will further accelerate their clinical use and use as (qualified) biomarker in drug development.

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