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AD/PD™ 2024


March 5-9, 2024


Lisbon, Portugal

Join Quanterix at the AD/PD 2024 conference, a leading event in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases research in Lisbon, Portugal, from March 5th through 9th. This conference brings together experts, clinicians, and researchers for insightful discussions, workshops, and panels on advancements in neurodegenerative diseases.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with us at booth #4 throughout the event to explore our innovative solutions and gain valuable insights. We look forward to welcoming you in Lisbon!

Product Theater Presentation

Wednesday, March 6th, at 13:45 in the Exhibit Hall

Decoding Alzheimer’s: The History, Biomarkers, And Clinical Advances

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnostics have come a long way from the days of PET scans and magnetic resonance imaging. While brain imaging remains an important part of the diagnostic process, advances in omics technologies and computational capabilities have made it possible to test for molecular markers of AD such as amyloid-beta isoform 42 and phosphorylated tau found in cerebrospinal fluid. But progress does not stop there. The next step in the evolution of AD research is identifying noninvasive or minimally invasive molecular markers that can be readily extracted from bodily fluids like blood, plasma, serum, urine, and saliva. These are the markers that will serve as the foundation for the development of the next generation of highly accurate diagnostic methodologies for AD detection and monitoring.

In this Product Theater Presentation, moderated by Mike Miller, SVP, Accelerator and Clinical Services, Dr. Blaine R. Roberts will discuss the history of AD biomarker research and offer insights into where the field is headed next. The speakers will discuss the historical milestones that have shaped the current understanding of this neurodegenerative disorder, and the broader implications for cognitive health, as well as the transformative role of emerging biomarkers like plasma p-Tau 181 and p-Tau 217 in the early detection, prognosis, and ongoing monitoring of AD, and their potential application in clinical contexts.

Networking Reception

Join us on Thursday, March 7th, 18:00 – 20:00 at SUD Pool & Lounge (~15 min walk from the conference center) to connect with the Quanterix team! Click here to register to attend.