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14th Biomarkers Congress


21 - 22 Feburary, 2019


Manchester, UK

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** Congress Presentation February 22 – 9:30 am : Innovations in Biomarker Research- Assay Development, Imaging, Data Integration Methods & Bioinformatics track

Dan Sikkema, PhD
VP, Accelerator and Pharma Services
Quanterix Corporation

Use of SIMOA® Technology to Improve Measurement of Critical Biomarkers, PK and Immunogenicity parameters in Drug Development and Cell/Gene Therapy

• Open Architecture to develop custom applications using your own antibodies and proteins
• Improve sensitivity 100-1000 fold or more over traditional immunoassay technologies
• Critical Biomarker detection to accelerate your drug development programs
• Improved PK detection of highly potent molecules (bispecifics, growth factors, crossing blood: brain barrier, etc.).
• Improve drug tolerance in your Immunogenicity and Neutralizing Antibody monitoring
• Dilute precious samples to enable assessment of multiple markers from limited volume

Over 350 attendees representing global pharmaceutical organisations, leading biotech companies and internationally renowned academic institutions working in the biomarker space across multiple therapeutic areas, such as immuno-oncology, neuroscience and cardiology.

Over 55 presentations, workshops, round-table and panel discussions focused on the key opportunities and challenges in biomarker research, from precision medicine and companion diagnostics through to digital biomarkers and clinical trials.

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