Measuring Biomarkers
at Every Stage
of Tumor Development

The ability to detect oncology biomarkers at ultra-low levels is enabling new options for diagnostics and treatment in cancer research.

Simoa assays can be used to monitor cancer risk, identify early stage cancers and discriminate between benign and malignant cells. Simoa biomarkers can be used prognostically to predict disease outcome, predict progression free survival and monitor reoccurrence. Assays can also be used to monitor sensitivity to therapy and to aid in treatment decisions.

Latest News

John Yan, PhD, from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company presented an ultrasensitive assay format for detecting PD biomarkers in cell and xenograft tumors at the inaugural Powering Precision Health Summit 2016.
Ralph McDade, PhD from Myriad RBM presented a triphase approach to biomarker pattern discovery for cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune disease at the inaugural Powering Precision Health Summit 2016.

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