By Kevin Hrusovsky, Executive Chairman and CEO, Quanterix
It takes an average of 17 years to bring a scientific discovery into clinical practice. This statistic, which has been validated by research published in Public Health Reports and the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, reveals a troubling reality for many patients in desperate need of the…
By Dr. Andreas Jeromin, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer (Consulting), Quanterix
When we think of the letters N-F-L, our minds are drawn to football and the National Football League.
By Kevin Hrusovsky, Executive Chairman and CEO, Quanterix
We are privileged to live in a society that values science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Better known as STEM, these programs play a critical role in the advancement of our society, and are shaping the future of medicine and other disciplines.
By Kevin Hrusovsky
As a company that believes we have the power to improve player safety, we also know that change cannot happen unless we have unified support from the entire community, including researchers, scientists, doctors, patients, patient advocates, investors, and institutions like the NFL.
By Dr. Mark Roskey and Dr. David Duffy
We were honored to be able to speak about the promise of immuno-oncology (IO) therapeutics at this year’s Molecular Med Tri-Con conference and the 12th Annual Biomarkers Congress.